The main objective of EUSMI is to provide an interdisciplinary infrastructure for soft matter research to support about 300 advanced projects in four years. Our strategy is to put the needs of the individual soft matter scientist at the centre of our activities by providing cutting edge, specialized infrastructures that are not available within single institutions or even at the R&D centres of multinationals.

Further, EUSMI aims to provide users with the necessary support in characterizing and investigating of physical properties of new materials on all relevant length and time scales, synthesizing novel soft matter materials, and up-scaling of laboratory synthesis routes. In addition, access will be given to supercomputers in order to gain understanding of these very complex functional materials, thus opening routes for rational design

The activities of EUSMI are organized in 13 Work Packages (WP), which are grouped into four major subjects: Transnational Access (TA), Joint Research Activities (JRAs), Networking Activities (NAs) and Management.

Transnational Access (TA) contains five WPs (WP1 - WP5) by which the access to spectroscopy and rheology (WP1), scattering and diffraction (WP2), imaging (WP3), synthesis and up-scaling (WP4) and to the supercomputing facilities is implemented

The existing installations will be improved and made more user friendly through Joint Research Activities (JRAs), which are organized in 5 WPs (WP6 - WP10), constituting a one-to-one correspondence to the TA work packages.

The networking activities, are organized in two work packages, one for dissemination, education and training (WP11) and the other for communication, with special focus on industry and the non-scientific public (WP12).

Finally all management tasks are implemented in WP13.