In the following you find some videos illustrating the successful work of EUSMI with financial support from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 731019

EUSMI Nanostars Project

Nothing could better illustrate the excellence of EUSMI Joint Research Activity (JRA), than the Nanostars project, which has combined the expertise of three EUSMI partners from three distinctive areas: CIC biomaGUNE, EMAT and DENSsolutions.

Nanoparticles are a versatile functional material and have much potential in medical applications. The chemists at CIC biomaGUNE have successfully synthesized a novel type of nanoparticles, targeting at cancer diagnosis and therapy. For this, it is crucial to obtain a precise understanding of the particle morphology, especially at high temperature. The electron microscopy experts at EMAT in Belgium have come to help and taken up the challenge to visualize the nanoparticles.

This challenge is formidable but also pushing the frontier of the electron micrsoscope technique. A new component must be developed and implemented into the existing machine. To achieve this, EMAT has jointed force with engineers and experts from DENSsolutions. In the video, you will see how the trio has produced a masterpiece of solution and extended the scientific and technical know-how.

EUSMI Lund University Trailer

The Division of Physical Chemistry at Lund University is one of the internationally leading research centers in fundamental and applied soft matter research. Its light and X-ray scattering laboratory is equipped with a number of complementary instruments for static and dynamic scattering experiments that also allow for an extension of static and dynamic light scattering to very turbid suspensions. These scattering techniques are complemented with access to fast confocal microscopy and diffusion NMR.

Researchers from all around the world can access these instruments, and in particular profit from the broad soft matter competence and the possibility to perform studies using a combination of complementary instruments through the EUSMI program.

The video provides a short introduction to the EUSMI infrastructure at Lund University.


Simulation is becoming an integrated part of modern research. Supported by super­computers, simulation can help to validate scientific theories, to recreate real-life processes, and to probe the virgin land unreachable by experimental techniques.

JSC, the Jülich Super­computing Center, operates super­computers of the highest per­formance class and enables scientists and engineers to solve their highly complex problems by simulations. Consisting of 40,000 parallel computer cores, JURECA can solve a complex problem within 24 hours, which would last on a normal computer for 40 years!

The video will bring you to the JURECA world and show you, how super­computer simulates the inception of life.


DWI (Leibnitz Institute for Interactive Materials) makes next-generation active and interactive materials for a better life and an optimal future. The vast research interest spans from aqua materials to biohybrid materials, from interface technology to reaction process, to name a few.

DWI forms the synthetic bases of the EUSMI program, together with Symo-chem B.V. (Netherlands) and CICbiomaGUNE (Spain). Be it a fundamental study of physical phenomenon, be it an industry-driven project, be it a quest for medical application, DWI aims to provide the key to the answer.

This film will show you not only how DWI makes materials, but also how they make the materials move!


EMAT, located in the campus of University of Antwerp, is a world-leading electron microscopy center. Equipped with the futuristic microscopies and the avant-guard techniques, combining scientific precision and artistic imagination, EMAT reveals the inner-structure of materials and brings the beauty of nano-world to the bare eyes.

Thanks to EUSMI program, scientists all over the world can enjoy the expertise of EMAT and “look at” the materials at an atomic scale.

The video will bring you to the world TITAN and FIB, the electron microscopy du jour and present you the intricacy of the nano-world, last but not least, the art-imitating-life aspect of science.

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