Softcomp/EUSMI annual meeting 2019

The SoftComp/EUSMI Annual Meeting represents the forum for all SoftComp participants to discuss scientific work performed and the realization of next goals.

The SoftComp/EUSMI Annual Meeting will take place at the Seebay Hotel in Portonovo, Ancona, Italy, from October 8-10, 2019.
It consists of 3 full days, from 09:00 on October 8 through 18:00 on October 10, 2019.
The gala dinner is planned on October 10, 2019.
EUSMI administrative meetings will take place in the morning of October 11, 2019.
I kindly invite you to register yourself in the new portal, this is a mandatory step to register for the SoftComp Annual meeting 2019.

Please register as soon as possible, anyway not later than September 6, 2019, at the link present here at the bottom.
Please avoid double registration at the SoftComp as well as at the EUSMI portal!

Please note that the number of rooms available at the Hotel Seebay is limited, rooms in other hotels in the vicinity have been also booked. Therefore, it is very important that participants accept to share a double, or a larger, bedroom with colleagues. Please specify in the comment field if you agree to share a room, and in case you do, you can also let us know the name of the colleague(s) you are welcome to share the room with. Please note that, due to a request of the hotel management, the registrations are possible only until September 6, 2019.

Please note that the SoftComp central budget will cover full meeting costs up to four persons per SoftComp group:

– subsistence/accommodation from the day before the meeting starts to the day after the event ends, i.e. from October 7 through 11, 2019.

– travel costs (up to a max of 250 euro per person); please note that the use of a private car shall be approved in advance.
For your convenience, please find here below the name of the Network Area Coordinators, with their email address:

Any request of yours to arrive earlier and/or leave later will be discussed by me with the hotel management. Please do not book your travel before the hotel management has confirmed the extension of your stay.

As far as the scientific programme is concerned, this year the Annual meeting has a new format, as described on the website, and will include topical focussed sessions under the themes:
1) Single-Molecule methods in Soft Matter
2) 3D Printing
3) Biophysics
Please send your contribution to the general part and/or to the topical focussed sessions to the Meeting Chairs
1) Prof. Joris Sprakel – joris.sprakel@wur.nl
2) Prof. Jan Vermant – jan.vermant@mat.ethz.ch
3) Dr. Patricia Bassereau – patricia.bassereau@curie.fr
not later than July 31, 2019. Oral and poster presentations will be decided not later than August 7, 2019.

For any questions, please contact directly the SoftComp (F.Carsughi@fz-juelich.de) or the EUSMI (p.lang@fz-juelich.de) Manager.

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Meeting Details



Portonovo, Ancona

Flavio Carsughi

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