EUSMI kick-off meeting – successfully held in Vaals (NL)

Mainly dedicated to the administrative implementation of the project, this meeting was well-attended by EUSMI partners from all over Europe. The agenda topics covered the planned project activities of transnational access, joint research activities and networking & communication, as well as legal, financial and business issues like budget distribution and in particular Dos and Don?ts in EUSMI. General management issues were discussed and panels like the Executive Committee and the transnational access review panel were established. The terms of reference for transnational access were updated and the essentials of the consortium agreement were discussed. Finally, the strategies for industrial liaison and innovation management were introduced as well as the new web portal and the brand EUSMI.

The second day's topic was a workshop on the EUSMI data management plan and data repository. As a potential role model the NFFA data repository and NFFA data policy documents were presented and discussed. The meeting ended with plans for the first period and a discussion of open questions. We would like to thank all participants, speakers, co-workers and assistants who made this important first meeting a success!